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Hypnotizing Yourself

Think you can't be hypnotized? Every day we daydream, tell ourselves affirmations (or whatever the opposite is), or indirectly suggest things to ourselves. It has been hard to study people in trance because it's almost indiscernible from how we normally think. We go into trance and skew our perspectives of the world without realizing it. So how can we use this to our advantage? First off, how we say something (even to ourselves) is massively important. Most people have heard something along the lines of this: If I told you not to think of an elephant. What's the first thing you do? Think of an elephant.


Okay. Fine. But how does that apply? Well sometimes we word affirmations badly to where we are reaffirming a negative behavior rather than grow a positive one. Smoking is a classic example. Instead of saying "I will stop smoking." Saying, "I will have clean lungs and be in places with clean air. I want to live healthier." By thinking of the object we want to avoid, we trigger a fixed or habitual response and might end up doing the very thing we were trying to avoid. One conversation I had with my wife was about being better people in general. I caught us both saying, "We need to be less shitty." We caught ourselves and changed it, "We need to be proactive. We need to be responsible." It really helped. It got us to be more positive about our situation and it forced us to get specific with solutions to our problems. These are the first steps to effectively hypnotizing yourself. You are giving yourself commands that your unconscious can accept without your conscious judging too harshly.


Even though you might not consciously know how to use this information, relax and realize that right now your unconscious is already reframing you to look at your goals and only think about how much you can grow. -Brad

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